Will The Clinton Corruption Ever Stop

Will The Clinton Corruption Ever Stop?

The Clintons have a long history with the black Republic of Haiti. In January of 2010 after 220,000 Haitians were decimated in an earthquake the world responded by pouring in 13 billion in donations. The IHRC overseen by Bill Clinton doled out nearly 90 percent of that money to non Haitian organizations which included the United Nations and a myriad of NGOs. While a measly 10 percent went to the Haitian Government.

After the Clintons descended on Haiti like vultures and the Laura Silsby abduction of 33 Haitian children unfolded. We have now learned that In 2015 a Clinton Foundation approved Pastor and Apparent project founder by the name of Corrigan Clay was arrested by federal agents after allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct with an adopted Haitian child.

In a 2011 post on the non-profit’s website, Corrigan bragged about former President Bill Clinton visiting him in Haiti and that his then-wife and Apparent Project co-founder Shelley Jean Clay attended a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City. A 2013 post on the Clinton Foundation website details another connection between the Clintons and Corrigan. The non-profit “Apparent Project” also partnered with the brands Gap and Disney, and has been supported by people like Kim Kardashian, Patricia Arquette, Olivia Wilde, Ben Stiller and Oprah Winfrey. But still, after Bill Clinton’s numerous rape allegations and Jeffrey Epstein flight log history. And Hillary’s relentless abuse of power. The Clinton machine rolls on assuming America can survive one more grift from the Clinton’s perverse corrupt self imposed establishment. At this point everyone knows that a prison cell is far more appropriate for the Clintons than the Oval Office.

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