Monica Lewinsky Tongue Bill and Hillary Clinton


We’ve seen her on T-V, in the papers and magazines for months — and now we are getting to hear Monica Lewinsky’s voice for the first time. The House Judiciary Committee of the U-S Congress has released the audio tapes of the phone conversations Linda Tripp secretly recorded with the former White House intern. During their conversations, Lewinsky comes through sometimes as earnest and matter-of-fact. Other times, she sounds coy as she talks about her relationship with the man she calls “The Creep” – U-S President Bill Clinton. When the 37 tapes recording 22 hours of phone conversations were released, it quickly turned into a battle between journalists. U-S networks rushed to put on excerpts of her taped conversations with Linda Tripp. Americans now are hearing the voice of a sometimes emotional Lewinsky, confiding in and being consoled by Linda Tripp. UPSOUND: (English) (Lewinsky) “The first time I ever looked into this eye close-up and was with him alone, I saw somebody different than I had ever expected to see. And, that’s the person I fell in love with.” (Tripp) “Yeah” (Lewinsky) “And that’s the person who was there the fourth of July and that’s the person that’s been there at tender moments.” SUPER CAPTION: Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp In one tape, Lewinsky starts to sob uncontrollably as she talks about the pressure she’s been under. UPSOUND: (English) (Lewinsky) “I can’t take it anymore.” (Tripp) “I know. I know.” (Lewinsky) “I just can’t. I just can’t.” (Tripp) “Oh my God.” (Lewinsky) “It’s just too…it’s too much for one person.” SUPER CAPTION: Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp Perhaps the only U-S residence apparently not listening to the tapes is the White House. SOUNDBITE: (English) “Listen, you know, everybody knows what’s on these tapes. I think everybody has seen all of the information they’re going to see on this story. My guess is that most people around the country won’t be paying much attention, but the people who are obsessed with this story, this will just be a day in heaven for them.” SUPER CAPTION: Joe Lockhart, White House Press Secretary For many, it was the first chance to hear what Lewinsky sounds like. But it likely won’t be the last. American network A-B-C News has announced that Ms Lewinsky has agreed to a television interview with Barbara Walters. And she has signed a book deal with British biographer Andrew Morton, the man who told the world about the late Diana, Princess of Wales. At one point the two suggest the president was also seeing other women. UPSOUND: (English) (Tripp) “Look you have always said you’re not the only girlfriend.” (Lewinsky) “I know but….” (Tripp) “Go ahead…” (Lewinsky) “It’s one thing to know it and then its another thing to know it.” (Tripp) “I know….I know…” (Lewinsky) “I just feel like this is what I do not understand. Why is it OK for everyone else. She’s not much older than I am.” SUPER CAPTION: Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp The transcripts of those conversations were released to the public earlier. And on Tuesday, the secretly recorded phone conversations filled the U-S airwaves. Among other things, the two women talked about the dress, said to be stained with the president’s semen, which Lewinsky eventually handed over to investigators. UPSOUND: (English) (Tripp) “Put it in a baggy, put it in ziplock bag and pack it in with your treasures for what I care. I mean whatever, put it in one of your little antiques.” (Lewinsky) “What for though?” (Tripp) “I don’t know Monica. I just have this nagging feeling in the back of my head.” (Lewinsky) “What if I didn’t have it?”

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