Maxine Waters Trolled Into Giving Speech To Fake Country

Owen Shroyer sits in for Alex Jones as 2020 begins with a bang

Listen To Infowars Alex Jones Impassioned Speech On The IG Report

Alex Jones joins Savanah Hernandez on the War Room to break down the release of the IG report people have been waiting for for months! Alex reveals why this should … Read More

Video : Fresh From Jail, Infowars Owen Shroyer Breaks Down Confronting Nadler At Treasonous Hearing

Fresh from jail, Owen Shroyer returns to the scene of the crime to break down the criminal proceedings he spoke out against, and in return suffered the consequences of an … Read More

World Exclusive! Footage Of Roger Stone Trial Leaked

Alex Jones is joined by Robert Barnes and Owen Shroyer to break down the exclusive footage of the judge breaking the first amendment to gag the media in Roger Stone’s … Read More

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