Leaked Video! Head U.N. Scientist Admits Vaccines Are Killing People

Rob Dew joins The Alex Jones Show to play a leaked video of Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist of the WHO, admitting in a secret meeting that vaccines kill people … Read More

The Coup Is Live! Infowars Accurately Predicted The Dem Takeover Plan

Alex Jones breaks down the current state of the active coup against President Trump and the American people who elected him, and details how Infowars accurately predicted the criminal Dems’ … Read More

Listen To Infowars Alex Jones Impassioned Speech On The IG Report

Alex Jones joins Savanah Hernandez on the War Room to break down the release of the IG report people have been waiting for for months! Alex reveals why this should … Read More

Infowars Alex Jones Exposes The War On Christmas

Alex Jones goes to the Texas State Capital to witness the City of Austin’s Christmas Tree and expose the anti-Christian agenda hidden in plain sight: the banner beneath the tree … Read More

Flashback VIDEO! Alex Jones Outed George Soros As A Nazi Colaborator In 2012

Originally aired January 25th, 2012 Alex Jones plays rare clips and covers the news of George Soros relishing that he worked with Nazis as a young man helping confiscate the … Read More

Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself: Official Contest Song – You have to hear this!

Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself written by Rob Dew Performed by The False Flags The False Flags Are: Rob Dew Vocals/ Backing vocals Adan – Drums / Backing vocals Jon – Guitar / Backing vocals Derek … Read More

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