The U.S. aircraft carrier strike group Abraham Lincoln has sailed through the vital Strait of Hormuz. This comes amid simmering enmity between the United States and Iran. Tensions in the … Read More

Feds Fear NULLIFICATION of Pot Prohibition

As a bill moves forward in Congress this week to legalize marijuana, is it political pandering by Democrats or fear that the public will realize the power of nullification? Pot … Read More

Ex Girlfriend Of Nancy Pelosi’s Son Bolsters Claim Paul Pelosi Did Crooked Business In Ukraine VIDEO

Tom Pappert of breaks down the story of how the former girlfriend of Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., is suing him over alleged fraud regarding her property.

Bombshell Flashback! Whitehouse CIA Leaker Is Soros Mole, Fiona Hill w/ Roger Stone

Originally aired May 31st 2017 Roger Stone and Alex Jones expose a major Soros operative within the Trump White House. Fiona Hill.

That Time Alex Jones Confronted Bernie Sanders At The Airport

On 6-3-18 Alex Jones confronted Bernie Sanders at the airport. Watch him run from questions about white people not knowing what it’s like to be poor By the way, overhaul … Read More

Former ICE Director Has to Explain to Democrat That Crossing the Border Illegally is a Crime

Former ICE Director, Tom Homan, was testifying in front of congress today and had to explain to Rep. Al Green that crossing the border illegally is a crime. WATCH Homan … Read More

Why Did ABC Cover Up The Epstein Story for Three Years? | Larry Elder Show

With Project Veritas dropping their latest bombshell exposing ABC’s knowledge of the Epstein scandal more than three years ago, Larry investigates the network, why it covered up the story, and … Read More

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