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Get up to Speed with Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Diane Clinton, popularly call Hillary Clinton is an American politician she was born 26 October 1947, at Illinois, in Chicago. She got married to Bill Clinton in 1975. She got her law degree from Yale University. While in school, as a youth, she participated and campaigned for Barry Goldwater after he was nominated as a republican presidential candidate in 1964. As a vibrant young woman, the speech delivered by reverend Martin Luther King Jr., in Chicago motivated her to pick up a job career public service then in 1968 she became a strong Democrat.  Hillary became the first lady in 1993-2001 after her Husband Bill Clinton won an election to become the president of the united states in 1993 20, January. After which she served as a senator from 2001 till 2009. She declare her intention to join the race to the U.S top job (presidency) in 2007 of which she eventually fall out during Democrat primaries election in 2008. Paving way for Senator Barrack Obama who got the majority vote of the delegate. Obama later appointed her as the U.S secretary of states. 

 Obama appointed Clinton as secretary of state 2009-2013. In 2015, she announced her plans to run again for the U.S. presidency which placed her the first woman in U.S. history to become the presidential nominee of a major political party. , Clinton lost in the general election after a polarizing campaign against GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Her political influence; During her term, Clinton used her position to make women’s rights and human rights a central talking point of U.S. initiatives.

She was tagged as one of the most traveled secretaries of state in the history of American, and convey the country’s positions though the use of social media. She made sure U.S. diplomatic efforts in connection to the Arab Spring and military intervention in Libya a success.

The State Department, under her watch, and administration fell under examination in relation to a deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic while serving as U.S. Senator from New York, She, aided and voted in favor of several liberal policies. She voted two times against tax-cut policy, which reduced tax rates for all taxpayers and cut investment related tax rates as proposed by W. Bush administration. Clinton vote in favor of the Wall Street rescue package in 2008. [70] [71]Her political influence not limited to the above mentioned but, include her desire to enable or to  allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence[72] and against the Firearm Confiscation Prohibition Amendment, which would ensure that government funds would not be used to confiscate legal firearms during states of emergency.[73] Her struggle also is to allow for continued federal funding of sanctuary cities,[74] allowing unlawful immigrants to participate in Social Security,[75] and against English as the official language.[76] She also voted and worked against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts.”[77] She was emerged to the responsibility of a dynamic and esteemed partner of her Husband in 1992 Bill’s presidential campaign, and in (1993) she was placed to head the Task Force on National Health Reform. She has published many books amongst the notable ones include:

  • It takes a village (2017)
  • Stronger together (2016),
  • Living History (2003),
  • Hard Choices (2014), and
  • What Happened (2017)

To this end, the history of America politics can’t be completed without mentioning the roles and contributions of Hillary Clinton.

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