Leaked Video! Head U.N. Scientist Admits Vaccines Are Killing People

Rob Dew joins The Alex Jones Show to play a leaked video of Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist of the WHO, admitting in a secret meeting that vaccines kill people … Read More

The Mysterious Case Of NASA’s Missing $1.1 Billion Moon Lander

In the ’60s, NASA commissioned Grumman Aircraft to build 15 lunar modules for its Apollo program. 10 of those lunar modules ended up in space, 3 in museums, 1 was … Read More

A Weaponized Fed Reserve: Who’s Getting Rich, How Does It End?

Tony Arterburn, Arterburn.news, joins to look at the massive cash being pumped into “markets”, negative rates are effectively here, and how not only the bubble, but the Federal Reserve bursts.By the … Read More

Alex Jones Challenges Joe Rogan And Edward Snowden

Alex Jones challenges Joe Rogan and Edward Snowden after they brushed over supposed “chemtrail conspiracy theories” when the geo-engineering programs of our own government have been public for some time.

How Does Snowden Know Chemtrails Aren’t Real?

Brian Wilson points out how in an interview with Joe Rogan, and in his own autobiography, Edward Snowden, the ‘infamous’ NSA whistleblower, denies the existence of geoengineering chemtrails, and he … Read More

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