Health Industry Expert Breaks Down Meeting With Texas Governor Over Coronavirus

Health industry expert Gary Heavin joins The Alex Jones Show to break down his meeting with the Texas Governor and plans to meet with President Trump to address the coronavirus … Read More

Iowa Democrats: It’s a “Mess” — We Knew They Can’t Count

A new app that doesn’t work. Phones that don’t work. New rules that could allow at least 3 candidates to declare victory. This is from the party that can’t do … Read More

China Exposed: All Of The Ways They Have Been Hiding True Coronavirus Numbers

The World Health Organization said that China should be respected for the way they are handling the coronavirus outbreak. Savanah Hernandez details all of the ways the country is still … Read More

Testing Radiation from Tungsten, Japanese Steel | Welding Metals Tested

I use a Geiger-Mueller device to test the ionizing radiation from Thoriated Welding Tungstens, USA Aluminum and Japan Steel. Good news; none of the aluminum nor steel showed any discernable … Read More

Liar Elizabeth Warren Wants to CRIMINALIZE “Disinformation”

Warren is an outstanding liar — standing out even amongst politicians. The study she cites proves she wants to CRIMINALIZE, not merely censor, political speech of people with whom she … Read More

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