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13 Days Roger Stone will Face Muellers Charges – Stone asks for help

Below is a email that I received from Roger Stones Defense Fund. I have personally contributed and you should as well if possible. Roger deserves a fair trial is unlikely to get one. He says his legal fees will exceed $2 million and will do his best to pay it back to a charity once he is back on his feet.

Roger has been in the political landscape for his entire adult life and has a call it how he sees it attitude. He had his house raided earlier this year and somehow CNN got a tip that it was going down exactly when it did. \

In just 13 days, I will stand before a District of Columbia federal court to face charges brought by the Special Counsel’s Robert Mueller’s Office. As you know I have pled “not guilty” and vowed to clear my name just as my friend, President Donald Trump, is fighting to clear his name.

I urgently need your help as never before.

I cannot begin to tell you how difficult and exhausting this ordeal has been for me. The pressure and stress is nearly unbearable… and still I will not stop fighting and I stand 100% with President Donald Trump.

The impact on my family is even worse. We have lost our home, our savings, most of our insurance and my ability to make a living by writing and speaking. We literally struggle every month to pay for housing, groceries, gas and medical expenses. Yet certain people in the fake news media delight in our difficulty and mock me for seeking help from friends and supporters.

But that is not the worst of it.


More recently my wife Nydia has injured her knee – a torn miniscus and may need knee replacement surgery. I am embarrassed to say I do not have the money to pay for the urgent medical attention she needs. Nor do we have the money for the bare necessities of our living expenses between now and my trial.

This could not have come at a worse time.

The situation is that dire – I do not exaggerate in the slightest.

That’s why I must call on you for your help again. Will you make an emergency contribution to my legal defense fund today?


I am not asking for a hand-out because Mrs. Stone and I have pledged to do our best to contribute whatever our family support fund raises to a worthy charity when I am acquitted and we get back on our feet.

We are struggling to stay afloat, raise the money to pay for an aggressive legal defense and prepare for trial. I am deeply concerned about my wife of 28 years as she has been my rock through this entire nightmare. We need your help in these crucial final days. We are confident God will see us through this terrible ordeal and we thank you for your prayers.

Time is short – I am ready to fight but I need your help. Please send what you can today.

God Bless You

P.S. – My legal defense will cost more than $2 million. I am working feverishly to raise this the balance of this money. If you also want to help my Legal Defense Fund you can contribute here.


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